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About Poly Processing Company

The leader in innovative tank systems, Poly Processing is dedicated to cost effective storage system safety and innovation. As a national company we have worked to raise the standards of the industry and continually develop new and better storage systems that meet the customers' expectations for safety, longevity, and environmental responsibility. A few of our innovative solutions include the IMFO, SAFE-Tank, OR-1000, XLPE, Sloped Bottom IMFO, NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certification. Poly Processing’s Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet (IMFO®) Tank, is a homogenous flange system that is molded as part of the tank while it is being manufactured, making it a stress-free part of the tank. The flange is created from the same material as the tank — it’s not an insert added during or post-production. The IMFO allows for full tank discharge because the flange is at the bottom of the sidewall, below the tank knuckle radius. There is no need for a confined space entry to clean the tank. Our Sloped Bottom IMFO uses the same IMFO® system but with a sloped floor. The floor of the tank is sloped towards the IMFO giving the user the greatest possible full discharge system in a vertical tank design. Poly Processing’s SAFE-Tank®, double wall tank system, is a “tank-within-a-tank” that provides secondary containment to avoid the damaging of equipment or property, loss of chemical, or injury to employees in the event of a spill. The tank is designed to keep contaminants from entering the interstitial space. Our OR-1000 antioxidant resin system is designed to extend the life of the tank system in oxidative environments. Poly Processing is the only chemical storage tank manufacturer to take a full system approach to NSF/ANSI 61 approval. We supply an entire tank system, including fittings, gaskets and specific tank colors that are certified for 38 of the most common water treatment chemicals. Poly Processing has manufacturing facilities in Louisiana, California and Virginia.

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